​Jennifer Barnaba

Actor. Singer. Dancer. Choreographer.

Awards/ Honors:

Wilde Award Nomination: Best Leading Actress in a Musical for Wednesday in The Addams Family

Most Metro Award Nomination: Best Supporting Actress in a Musical for Young Violet in Violet

Debow Freed Award: Best Actress in a Leading Role for Janet Van de Graff in The Drowsy Chaperone

Debow Freed Award: Best Performance by a Female Cameo for The Angel in The Holiday Spectacular 
"Standout performances by Jennifer Barnaba as Natalie, the daughter in crisis,
who is also a powerhouse of a singer​... the women whose voices are sublime;
however, their overwhelming effect is one that is profoundly touching."
​-Marin Heinritz, Encore Michigan on Next to Normal, 2019

​"Barnaba’s Wednesday edged out her mother as the lead actress and she was a
quirky young woman who is powerful and knows exactly what she wanted.
Barnaba aptly shows the internal contradictions the quintessential Goth girl is
experiencing as she finds herself in love. While she does a wonderful job of
revealing this inner conflict in her performance of the duet “Pulled” (performed
with Thomason), where she really excels is in her high-spirited and energetic duet
with her would-be fiancé, Shimkus, in “Crazier Than You.”
-Bridgette Redman, Encore Michigan on The Addams Family, 2016

"Urleen, Rusty and Wendy Jo, respectively played by Jennifer Barnaba, Melissa
Campbell and Kelsey Sumrall. Each one holding their own onstage and blending their voices together to create a powerful trio that wowed the audience members with their harmonies and humorous remarks throughout the play."
​- Corbin Cottman, Rolla Daily News on Footloose, 2017

​"Director Charles Burr was blessed this season with being able to cast three deliciously sexy and strong comedic actresses–Catherine Skojek, Jaclyn Collins and Jennifer Barnaba as the fiancee/”air hostesses.”
​- David Kiley, Encore Michigan on Boeing Boeing, 2016

"The petite Barnaba, with her sweet voice, is like a soaring little bird
who not only feels 'pretty' but acts happy." "The delicacy Barnaba
​imbues in Maria serves as a nice counterpoint to... Anita." "These
young actors speak their lines convincingly and boast beautiful
​voices, particularly Frankart and Barnaba"
-Aaron Krause, Norwalk Reflector on West Side Story, 2015

"Jennifer Barnaba shines like a supernova as the high schooler,
sporting a charming, optimistic smile, conveying naivete and a
​wide-eyed idealism."
-Aaron Krause, Norwalk Reflector on Bus Stop, 2014

"Jennifer Barnaba insightfully portrays Marcy Park's struggle with compulsive overachieving."

- Gerry Kowarsky, Two on the Aisle on The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, 2017