My Name is Johnny Cash

World Premiere at 6th Street Playhouse

Opening March 12 2021

Available for Streaming March 13- April 11

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Stories and Songs from the Man in Black

Written by Jennifer Barnaba & Steven Lasiter


Steven Lasiter- Johnny Cash

Jennifer Barnaba- June, Mother, Others

"As a huge Cash fan, I thrilled to hear Lasiter and Barnaba's new stories. Their production goes beyond the family album style of biopics. Lasiter and Barnaba connect the songs to events in Johnny and June's lives. When Cash recounts the loss of his brother Jack as a young man in a logging accident, we are moved. This show will please the legions of Johnny Cash lovers as they discover the personal roots of his music. Transported by Lasiter and Barnaba's beautiful harmonies, I enjoyed the simplicity of instrument and song. Their tribute to Cash allows us to revisit an American legend."

-Review By Robert M. Gardner, Theatrius, 2021

ā€‹Jennifer Barnaba

Actor. Singer. Dancer.